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Frequently Asked Questions

I would like to upgrade to the new editor?

During our inital rollout we will be migrating customers to the new system on a first-come first-serve basis, we do ask for your patience during this process as migrating your existing account to the new platform requires a complete re-design of all elements of your mailing. To express your interest please contact us to be added to the migration list.

I wasn't really paying attention. What is maxomail™ again?

maxomail™ is a Web-based service that helps companies and organisations send good-looking e-mails to large groups of people and track the response they get. For companies who are new to e-mail marketing, maxomail™ is a great way to ease into things (£40 per month). For e-mail marketing veterans, maxomail™ is often a way to simplify the e-mailing process, send more attractive (branded) e-mails, implement more sophisticated response tracking, save money, or all of the above.

What does "Web-based" mean?

It means your maxomail™ account, tools and data are accessible from any computer, day or night. maxomail™ is not software you download, host or maintain through your IT department. As long as you have an Internet connection, you have everything you need to use maxomail™.

How many e-mails can I send a month?

As many as you want, maxomail™ can handle mailings from under 100 to over 100,000 e-mails.

Do I have to sign a 12-month contract or anything?

No. Once you're set up, you can use maxomail™ for one month or for life.

How secure are the lists I store on maxomail™?

Very secure. No other maxomail™ customer will ever see your lists. Recipients of your e-mails will never see your lists. Your lists, tools and data are protected by a username and password you control, as well as every security measure possible on the back end.

Do you "rent" e-mail lists?

No. We don't engage in the practice and are generally wary of e-mail-marketing software companies who do. (maxomail's™ terms of use and privacy policy prohibit the use of maxomail™ as a tool for spamming – or otherwise bothering – the good people of the world.)

What if I don't really have a list of my own?

Then it's time to start building one. Collect names and addresses every chance you get: at the cash register, over the phone, on the website and at events. maxomail™ helps you grow your list with an audience signup that encourages new people to join your list from your website and every e-mail you send. And maxomail™ is priced (from £40 per month) so that even the smallest customer list is enough to get started.

I don't want to create the newsletter myself… Can you do it for me and just let me view the response?

Yes we can; let one of our office based professional copywriters create and develop a stylish campaign for you. Costs range from £65 per mailing depending on the amount of copy, links within your e-mail, additional pictures/graphics. Strategic consultancy is also available if you are looking to integrate this service into a wider and more complex marketing mix. Please call or e-mail for more info.

How do I get started using maxomail™?

Give us a call 08000 85 25 84 or drop us an e-mail. Depending on your design template needs, we can usually have you up and running in a day or two.

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