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What Is Maxomail™

Maxomail™ is a web based marketing and newsletter e-mail editor. It is entirely based within your web browser and allows you to create high quality visual mailings that can be used either for marketing or newsletter purposes. Alongside our powerful e-mail editor software it also houses a complete database manager and mailing response manager that allows you to track all the different e-mails you send out and how they are opened and viewed!

The e-mail editor was born after several customers contacted us for advice regarding marketing e-mails and how to best reach their potential returning customers with newsletters and e-bullitins. After looking at several systems over the years we couldn't find a editor that offered a wide range of functionality whilst also remaining compliant with the various web and e-mail standards that are required for compatability between system users, thus our own Maxomail™ system was born.

Alongside our editor we also needed a way to manage our clients mailing lists and databases, thus we set to work on the Audience section of Maxomail™. Our audience tools allow for easy manipulation of data either from direct form signups embedded on websites or via importing data from systems such as Sage, ACT!, Lotus & Access ensuring that clients can start utilising their existing databases as soon as they join Maxomail™. Data can also easily be exported, for whatever reason to either .xls or .csv for use in other systems such as randomizers or tracking software.

The Response section of Maxomail™ was designed to allow some of the most in depth insights and analysis to the way our clients e-mails and mailings are viewed by potential customers and subscribers. Our Response section allows for statistical reporting such as:

  • E-mails Delivered / Bounced
  • Open Rate
  • Send-to-a-driend Usage
  • New Signup Rate
  • Opt-Out Rate
  • Social Share Rate
  • Link Tracking - Email Opens & Route

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