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Create your look

Create Your Look

Your custom-designed brand stationery is hand-crafted by our professional designers, who work with you to make sure your campaigns reflect your sense of style and sophistication.

Maxomail's™ flexible content layouts (20 and counting) make it easy to add text and images and give each e-mail its own distinct look and feel, all without any html at all. Or, for you html veterans , we can set you up with a freestyle template for your html pleasure.

Before you send, proof your campaign for filter un-friendly words, phrases or formatting likely to hinder your delivery to some inboxes - and then fix them to improve your delivery rates.

Personalise For Each Recipient

Maxomail™ ensures a highly personal delivery every time - your e-mails will be from you and to Bob - assuming this particular e-mail was sent to Bob - and you can even greet Bob by name using maxomail's™ personalisation feature.

Have people in your audience who can't get html? No worries. maxomail™ will automatically deliver both html and text and let e-mail clients pick the one they want. We'll even send a text-only delivery if we think a client may be blocking html altogether.

Send your campaign

Send Your Campaign

When you're ready, you can send any time, or schedule your mailing to begin hours or days later, all with the click of a button.

And Maxomail™ continues trying to reach those hard-to-reach recipients as much as 24 hours after you hit send, to make sure we get as many e-mails delivered as possible, every time.

Surveys And Forms

Our simple to use surveys and forms can be created and published very quickly and are a great way of getting to know your audience.

Maxomail™ surveys collect the results for you and organises the data into an easy to read spreadsheet.

Surveys and forms
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