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Add subscribers en masse using maxomail's™ smart import, and maxomail™ will clean the incoming lists to spot trouble and safeguard against duplicates. Your database has grown since your last import? No problem - tell maxomail™ to add the new people or to update all of your member information based on your latest file.

Your Maxomail™ lists are self-cleaning: whenever formatting or delivery issues are spotted, we'll pull those members out of your active list and into an error bin for easy follow-up.

Import and add your contacts
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Your customisable signup screen lets people sign up for your e-mails right from your E-Newsletter campaigns and website. You'll customise the signup, the thank-you screen and the confirmation e-mail that's sent. Need more than one signup screen? Create as many as you like.

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"Your subscribers can manage their own preferences from the bottom of your campaigns, allowing your audience to help you keep up to date with changing e-mail addresses and interests.

Maxomail's™ unsubscribe service automatically handles opt outs for you and makes sure they're taken care of instantly and permanently. And with maxomail™, you'll never see a bounce message. You'll just see the detailed report of who bounced and what kind it was.

Sit back and relax

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